Reality TV adverts can deliver your audience

Reality TV is one of the best ways to deliver ads to TV-over-the-internet viewers, according to Adobe Digital Index (ADI).

ADI’s latest Digital Video Benchmark report analyses 159 billion online video starts and 1.49 billion TV Everywhere authentications spanning from the second quarter of 2014 to the second quarter of 2015.

The report found that online viewers of the reality TV genre see an average of 3.9 ads per episode, the highest of any genre. The lowest is comedy, in which viewers only see 2.1 ads. Drama experienced the largest YoY growth, at 83%.

When tuning in to TV sites, movies and TV shows ruled. Sites that offer such content had a viewing frequency rate seven times higher than those that offer a mix of news and sports.

Sites that specialise in news and sports “really need to make sure they have a rich library of video content in order to keep their viewers more engaged,” says Matthew Roberts, ADI senior marketing analyst.

Ad viewing is up across the board, however. “They’re sticking around and watching more of the content, so they’re being exposed to more ads. In certain cases, marketers are also inserting more ads into the content,” Roberts says. “Both of those factors are driving the increase in the ratio of ad viewing.”

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