A quick guide on Twitter best practice…

Twitter is a fantastic tool for building relationships, marketing your products and generating new interest in your brand; hopefully this guide will give you some useful tips on how to improve your performance on Twitter, and your engagement.

1. Design your Tweets

Ensure your tweet stands out. When you retweet, customize the content and add your own opinions. When you tweet a link; select some key information, a statistic or something you found interesting and use that as your headline; it will have more impact.

2. Inject some personality

People tend to connect with people. It’s fine to have your logo as the profile image, but make sure there is a real person behind your stream and some personality in your tweets and bio; this will encourage more interest and allow like minded people (or companies) to relate to you and follow your stream, it will also generate more retweets!

3. Be uniquely informative

Providing valuable information in your tweets is a great way to promote yourself as an expert and give your followers a reason to follow you; eventually they will come to rely on you as a good source of information on the topics and areas that you tweet about. Its also great if you can be the first to tweet a new topic or breaking news; this will lead to more tweets and more conversation around your content.

4. Tweet regularly

Its always best practice to tweet as regularly as possible, this gives your followers new information whenever they check your stream. It’s also good to review the volume and frequency of your tweets, as ’50 tweets an hour’ will almost certainly class you as a spammer. Try scheduling your tweets throughout the day and try to leave 30 – 60 minutes between each tweet.

5. Ask questions

Do you like this article? What would you add as a Twitter tip?… Asking questions is a fantastic way to create and generate engagement, and to gain some valuable insight in the process. but remeber, you need to engage with them too! Answer their questions, respond to their tweets, engage in chats…basically participate! Sharing your knowledge and best practice provides value to others and will make Twitter more beneficial for you.

6. Connect people with people

By mentioning other Twitter users in your tweets and connecting people with other people will significantly boost your credibility and ensure your followers take notice; it also means that other people are more likely to engage with you.

7. Remember to refer and acknowledge

Make sure you retweet, thank and link to your biggest followers. #FF and #Recommend others and their content.

8. You have 140 characters, use them wisely!

Tweeting is not just about making sure your tweet fills the space, you need to make sure that you leave room for others’ Twitter handles, hashtags and short comments. Its also good practice to use short-links where possible, and perhaps use graphics to complement your own content.

9. Tweet, retweet and tweet again

Twitter is global and moves at a fast pace; this means that your followers may not catch your first Tweet. Its good practice to schedule multiple tweets in advance, over mulitple days (and even multiple time-zones). You should also get in the habit of asking for retweets “please RT” – you’ll usually see a higher number of retweets.

10. Be a follower

If a users follows you, then follow them back and be open to new connections; this is one of the best ways to expand your network and increase engagement.



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