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    Method are experts in digital marketing channels and can help you increase your online exposure through a variety of media; from Google Adwords to Mobile Advertising

‘Get to Grips’ with Digital Marketing

Method are experts in digital marketing media, and have been providing knowledge and training to business owners and companies for over 10 years; enabling them to reach and engage new customers using a variety of digital marketing channels; from Facebook to Freemium Apps.

What can we do for you?

We can help you set-up and use a variety of modern marketing channels and give you the ability to open up new lines of communication with potential customers and your existing ones; this will also help to increase your exposure online and ensure that your brand, products and services can be found by potential new clients.


Digital Marketing Channels

Method can assist you with the creation and integration of some vital marketing, social and communication platforms; and can provide assistance, training and support for the following digital marketing channels:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram etc)
  • Email Marketing (Broadcasting, Email Creation, Delivery, Statistics)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Campaigns, Set-up, Promotion, Tracking)
  • Display Advertising (Facebook, Ad Networks, RTB, Mobile, In-App Advertising)
  • Search Marketing (SEO, PPC, Google AdWords, Bing, Video)
  • Content Marketing (Web Design, Backlinking, Google AdSense, Advertorials)

Our Digital Marketing Method-ology

If you are looking to increase online exposure for your business and need some help and advice getting started with online marketing activity, We can definitely help. Simply get in touch for an initial friendly discussion (and some free advice) and we can assess how best to help and find out what you want to achieve via digital marketing.

If you like what you hear from us…then great!; we can work with you to implement some quick wins and a longer term strategy. If not, then we’ll send you on your way with some new ideas and helpful advice.

Let’s get started