Its Wool Time @ Quex Park

Its Wool Time is a small business based out of Quex Park in Kent who wanted a new logo designed and a website with the potential to sell their range of products online. After several friendly meetings and a few cups of tea, we helped them create new logo for them which reflected their unique […]

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Nightstrike – Canadian Government

Engaged by the Canadian Government and following a strict brief, Method were tasked to create a range of media that showcased and promoted a military event in Goose Bay, Canada; this included a range of on and offline media and the branding for the event.   Media Design Services > Web Design Services >

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Important Update

Spammers using our email address

Spammers in Vietnam have been spoofing our address as a 'From' name when actually the email is not from us at all. Unfortunately it is very common for spammers to hide behind reputable business addresses, and they can use any name they like, however these emails are not from us at all and not even coming from our email servers.

We apologise for this and would ask that you report these spammers to your email service provider.