New Trends in E-Commerce will shape Customer Experience

Innovations in e-commerce are rapidly developing to offer retailers a multitude of new possibilities to improve the customer journey and in turn drive online sales. In 2016, there will be seven top trends shaping the e-commerce landscape and creating opportunities for smart retailers to create an enhanced customer experience: 1. Even more focus on mobile Mobile […]

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Lean Branding for Startups

Starting a business is exciting for millions of people and, in a turbulent employment landscape, a necessity for many more. The result is a global movement of small startups with little funding and resources. To guide businesses to success, perhaps follow these insightful and logical calls-to-action: Get up and running with a ‘minimum viable product’, and […]

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Important Update

Spammers using our email address

Spammers in Vietnam have been spoofing our address as a 'From' name when actually the email is not from us at all. Unfortunately it is very common for spammers to hide behind reputable business addresses, and they can use any name they like, however these emails are not from us at all and not even coming from our email servers.

We apologise for this and would ask that you report these spammers to your email service provider.